Ming Zhao

Ming Zhao


Ming Zhao is a research fellow from UTS with a Masters in IT. Following our increased interest in R&D, Ming joined LA Services through our partnership with UTS and has made a great difference since then. His previous work experience includes working with the Ministry of Health and has won awards by the Big Insight for the Best Industry of Application of Analytics and IT in digital health. He joined our little family as he recognised the huge growth in the manufacturing industry as it is only at the cusp of a technological revolution. As a traditional sector, it is an extremely rare opportunity for people like Ming to work in an industry that is yet to be established, helping him move away from the known to an uncharted territory.

His day to day work has been involved in the development of a welding management system by extracting information from existing documentation and turning this into data that can be queried through and SQL database. Ming’s work is creating a digital foundation by forging a path to digitising our heritage and an important first step in allow us to truly understanding the application of an I4.0 theory by creating a more intuitive digital environment for the next generation work force.

Despite his extensive work into the digital realm, he enjoys taking scenic walks across the coast and taking pictures of the nature around him.

As someone who works in both IT and manufacturing, he encourages future students to join the manufacturing industry as he recognises the amazing changes that are about to come. Ming believes that the manufacturing industry is perfect for those who want a blend of both the practical and technical, and help improve a traditional sector to build new foundations. He promises that what we know of the manufacturing industry will change as it starts to combine the advanced technologies of the new age.

A Valuable Mentor

David Fox is one of our most valuable mentors and teachers of LA Services as he goes above and beyond in creating a new history for our family. He is the bridge between a conservative industry and modern innovation as he connects with countless students to impart his years of experience in the manufacturing field. His work has extended to not only secondary students but also participates in Western Sydney University Launch Pad’s pilot I4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Network sharing lessons in transforming manufacturing across the technical and social spectrum.

Creating a close bond through mentoring is a great way to understand the perceptions and needs of our students in order to create a deeply engaging work environment . And in turn, we change these perceptions accordingly.

“The key to success is learning from one other, spanning different generations and technologies. I’ve learnt just as much from the students and the school, as they have from LA Services.”