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3 Reasons For Australian Manufacturers to Gear Towards Research & Development

Exploring three reasons why it is important for Australian manufacturers to gear towards Research and Development with an eye to the future.
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Pressure Equipment Procurement & Compliance

Purchasing pressure equipment and related services places a responsibility on the buyer, asset owner and the supplier to ensure equipment and services provided comply with the numerous requirements set out by the standard and specification associated with the enquiry. Partnering with an experienced manufacturer who is confident and upfront about the applied cost model, schedule...
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hydrogen fuel station

Behind the scenes of Hydrogen Refueling Stations are these high-pressure storage vessels

Recently LA Services completed a hydrogen storage vessel for a renown automotive manufacturer as part of a pilot re-fueling station. The project posed design challenges that are new to the fabrication industry, but the timing is perfect for a traditional metal trade manufacturer to enter the alternative fuel cell conversation.
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LA Services Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

As we all try to make sense of an ever changing health pandemic landscape, LA Services is guided by two principles; ensuring the health and wellbeing of our people, our clients and our community as our first priority, while minimising the disruption to our operations and employment continuity
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Is Australian Manufacturing Capable of Sustaining Our Oil & Gas Infrastructure?

How capable are Australia’s manufacturers in delivering sustainment services to Oil & Gas infrastructure? This investment is so vital to our export economy and our way of life. A recent road trip and several conversations with major Oil & Gas companies about plant sustainment and equipment supply highlighted several issues. A common theme was the...
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Collaboration – I4.0 Capability Building in SME’s

There is much talk about industry collaborating with academia to deliver game-changing products, services and business models in the manufacturing sector. Like many other businesses today, LA Services has been redefining innovation into a meaningful framework and understanding the ‘demons in the technology details’ that will underpin a new era for this sector. Realising the...
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Getting Comfortable with Innovation

It is often said in business ‘innovate or die’. However, what does innovation mean or offer a company? Not much in isolation of a context that can make it meaningful to the user. However, if an opportunity comes along to play with a piece of technology, being open-minded to experiment on the fringe of possibilities...
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The ‘Future of Work’ – Academic Theory vs. Manufacturing SME Practice

It seems the only constant at present is the feeling that the old order of doing things is being challenged in every corner of the economy. While different sectors are dealing with the opportunities of change at varying rates, the responses are primarily within the realm of the relevant industry, bringing some comfort to the...
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Adding Manufacturing to The Smith Family Work Inspiration Program

The Smith Family is an organisation that may not come to mind when thinking about a manufacturing organisation, but then again in today’s business environment, collaboration can present unexpected synergies. In the last week of May, LA Services had the pleasure of working with The Smith Family and Leonie Lam from My Focus to deliver...
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