Our process at LA Services are purposely structured to achieve efficiencies, safety, compliance and the consistent delivery of the highest quality of welding and fabrication services.



While our process involves many steps and measures, it can be broken down into 3 main phases:


Upon receiving a new enquiry, LA Services partners with new customers from day one. We collaborate with customers to truly understand their needs and requirements and apply our expertise to recommend a range of end-to-end solutions. Once the optimal solution is identified, LA Services provides a detailed estimate, outlining the full costs and realistic time frame for delivery. Once agreed, technical and commercial specifications are confirmed by both parties and the new project officially commences.

*Requirements for a pressure vessel for example, LA Services will confirm the design data including:

  • Design Pressure
  • Design Temperature
  • Orientation (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Number of outlets and size
  • Any requirements regarding material for example restrictions around the country of origin.
  • Any requirements regarding surface treatment. 

Our manufacturing process is designed to provide our customers with a stress free experience. A dedicated Project Manager works with the various LA Services Teams, sourcing quality materials, allocating labour, liaising with Engineers and ensuring all compliance documentation takes place at every stage.

LA Services is proudly renowned for it’s quality workmanship and compliance documentation. LA Services works diligently with clients, to ensure projects are delivered based on the agreed specifications and meet all required compliance standards. Thorough inspections and testing (ITP) take place. Throughout the project, progress reports MDR and ITP are documented. LA Services Delivers in Full, On Time.

Based in Sydney and offering client site services, LA Services is a popular choice for companies requiring required, provides local ongoing support.