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Our holistic approach covers all your design, engineering, material demands and production requirements. Products and services can be engineered to all standards and codes for your industry. LA Services source quality and compliant materials through our global supply chain, that are fit for service. We have experience in engineering pressure vessels, heat exchanges, complete skid assemblies and gas pipe lines. Equipment structural needs, transport, lifting and logistic requirements can also be accommodated in product development and supply scope. 

About Our


Working from client concepts or an engineered data sheet, LA Services partners with Design experts to conduct a rigorous review of the specifications, applicable standards and codes. Ancillary constraints in transport, lifting, fire protection and insulation forms part the product development methodology. AS1210, 4041, ASME, TEMA & API requirements are supported in conjunction with vacuum, wind & seismic analysis. Thermal performance, tube vibration, fatigue analysis, specialised FEA optimisation and structural design are also available when required.  

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Rapid Material Failure in Circulation Heater
Upgrades on a Cruise

When a client in the recycling and household cleaning sector came to us for the first time, they thought that they needed to replace their heat exchanger again. Their past heat exchangers had been regularly interchanged, they had failed due to the corrosive work environment.

LA Services did a study and recommended a new design that involved different materials that would last longer in their environment and be more cost effective for the client.

The client was very happy with the end product and the savings. They also rate LA Services above other engineering companies in terms of the experience they had and found that LA Services offer services at a much higher standard (i.e. QA, ITP and MDR).

The heater, a critical part of a battery recycling process failed quickly from extensive tube-sheet corrosion. With the assistance of LA the client identified the chemicals in their process. LA Services match this with an analysis of the cracked tube-sheet. LA Services was then able to recommend an alternative material suitable for the processing conditions. The heater bundle was replaced & has not shown any signs of corrosion failure.

When a client had a need for two pressure vessels to be installed on two cruise ships to upgrade their refrigerant system, there were many special requirements. LA Services custom designed them in halves, in order  to address size and weight restrictions and to be transported into position by our client.