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Our fabrication heritage cuts across a diverse spectrum of pressure equipment servicing hazardous environments, and has evolved into an inherent compliance driven culture underpinned by long term employee knowledge. These collective decades of experience enables LA Services to impart our legacy, building knowledge from trade to apprentice to graduate engineer. The collaborative effort of these skills at a workshop level delivers a high degree of ingenuity that enables us to tackle complex fabrication projects

All equipment is built in our Revesby workshop, using our local and global supplier network for raw materials and support services.

Description of


– 5000m2 workshop

– 80T Crane lifting

– 200T Jacking

– Post Weld Heat Treatment – stress relieving

– Hydrostatic testing to 25MPa

– Heat exchanger tube expansion

– Welding supervision / inspection

– Welding qualification

– Develop weld procedures to AS3992, AS2885.2 & ASME IX

– Engineering and weldability of exotic materials expertise

LA Services are Australia's Trusted Fabrication Specialists

Weak Acid Citation (WAC) Vessels
Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger
Subsea Pressure Vessel

This client provides solutions for waste fluid management & recycling across filtration, separation, treatment and purification.

LA Services was approached to supply a set of five WAC vessels for a water treatment facility. LA Services provided the vessel’s mechanical design, fabrication, rubber lining & ABS internal piping. The corrosive processing environment required the use of custom made Hastelloy fasteners, these were sourced along with supporting test records through LA Services global supply chain capabilities. The project’s scope included holiday spark testing of the rubber lining, external painting, assembly of the internals and interstate delivery.

A Petrochemical client required a replacement Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger (VCFE). The 125-tonne unit needed to be re-designed to the current AS1210 standard while maintain dimensional accuracy with the old (site surveyed) exchanger to ensure it would align with existing piping when installed. Its operating conditions demanded a mixture of Chrome-moly (ASTM A387 11 CL 2) and standard boiler plate (AS1548-PT-460NR) materials, along with insulation and skirt fire proofing, using a combination of Chartek & fire-resistant panelling.

The Chrome-moly materials were sourced from our offshore supplier partners while the AS1548 plates & profiles were local content. The fireproofing was a collaborative designed effort between engineers from LA Services, the end user and the fire proffers. All surface protection works were completed in LA Services work shop before delivery to site.

A pilot renewable energy project required a sub-sea vessel to house heavy duty electro-mechanical power generation equipment. LA Services were approached by the project’s technology researcher to design and fabricate a unique pressure vessel that would eventually be secured to the ocean floor as part of the project’s field trial phase. The design had to cater for external water pressure and ocean current surge loads. LA Services worked closely with the client to design a suitable vessel configuration, so their equipment could be installed and removed easily via removable dished ends and internal loading tracks. LA Services also engaged a coating expert to assist in design of the paint system so it was fit for purpose but within the project’s vessel budget.