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LA Services designs and qualifies weld procedures for specialised welding requirements across a range of materials and processes. Our welding supervisors plan and oversee weld procedure development, their qualification and the supporting documentation package. We also qualify welders and provide equipment for shutdowns and special projects to both client requirements and existing standards.



LA Services has the experience, technical knowledge and practical know how to weld a large variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and nickel alloys in varying thicknesses and client requirements. These have benefited our clients in industries such as Oil and Gas, Water, Health, Energy, Chemical and Infrastructure.

Welding comes in many forms

The processes we use are:


Submerged Arc Welding

Uses a wire called a ‘consumable’ which is fed automatically into the molten weld pool at the weld seam covered by a sand like flux. It is a machine / workshop welding process used for heavy plate welding on long, circumference and large nozzle seams.

Metal Insert Gas Welding

Uses a thinner consumable than SAW, which is fed into the weld pool automatically and protected by an inert gas instead of a flux. It is used on nozzle to shell, neck to flange & attachment welding. This hand welding process is normally only done in workshop environments because it relies on the inert gas to shield the molten pool of metal from the air.

Surface Tension Transfer MIG Welding

This is basically the same as MIG except if can be used to put in a ‘root run’ which is the first ‘pass’ in a weld seam when coming from one side only, being able to put in a root run consistently is the difference between a good welder and an average one, it is a differentiator.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

GTAW uses a hand-held torch with tungstate electrode to transfer the electrical energy (heat) into the weld seam, a wire is then fed into the molten weld pool by hand – there is an art to this process. This is a slow high heat welding process providing an aesthetic looking weld. It also uses an inert gas to protect the molten pool and is often used to put in a ‘root run’ which is then ‘capped’ with MIG to fill the remaining joint.

Manual Metal Arc Welding

Usually called ‘stick welding’, MMA uses a flux coated electrode. It is used on site because it’s suitability of the works and is not affected by wind.

Isomerisation Unit Upgrade
Hop Tap Procedure Qualification
Gas PRS Skid & Tie-in

This project required the supply of four fully dressed and insulated vessels as part of an Isomerisation Unit upgrade.

The materials were a mixture of Chrome-moly (ASTM A387 11 CL 2) and standard Aust. grade boiler plate (AS1548-PT-460NR). The project specification called for some unique compliance & testing requirements. LA Services used a combination of global and local suppliers to source compliant raw materials and cover the onerous mill testing requirements.

All vessels were trial fitted with platforms, painted and insulation completed prior to deliver. Transport saddles were designed so cladding was completed in full before dispatch, eliminating any insulation and cladding site work after installation.    

LA Services were only too happy to assist one of our clients who needed to undertake a procedure and welder qualification, followed by site works on a new type of hot tap.

A full LA Services workshop simulation as required by AS2885.2 was undertaken to qualify the weld procedures and welders, followed by non-destructive testing, mechanical testing and documentation prior to mobilisation to site.

LA Services looked after the procedure and welder qualifications and collaborated with the client and ANSTO to conduct a study so that PWHT was not required on this particular item saving time and money, and also making the project safer.

In the clients’ words: “If you are doing a 650 hot tap, there wouldn’t be another choice. We have no hesitation in using LA Services .”

LA Services were contracted to supply a complete natural gas ‘primary regulating station’ (PRS) skid including the necessary pipeline tie-ins. Workshop scope covered skid and piping fabrication across AS1554 & AS4041 standards, surface treatment, assembly, testing and internal drying. Prior to dispatch the skids electrical & instrument works were completed and factory acceptance testing undertaken. Site works required LA Services to perform two hot taps under AS2885 for the inlet and outlets loops, pipe wrapping after testing and the supply of all manufactures data.

The client’s feedback on completion was; “LA Services are great to work with, they have a full understanding of high spec work. From Pre-fab to site welds everything went great. No issues. We have a long history and a great relationship with LA Services.”