Proud to be chosen by Toyota to manufacture H2 storage vessel at the Altona refuelling station

Toyota just unveiled their hydrogen production facility and refuelling station at Altona in Melbourne.

LA Services are proud to have been chosen by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia to manufacture the hydrogen storage vessel installed at the facility.

We shared a post about the production process and challenges posed by the project last year when working on the vessel :

To reiterate, this project was important for us for two main reasons :

i) It was the first time we set foot not only in the hydrogen energy space, but the renewable energy market as a whole. There could not be a better time as we have already geared towards a sustainable future.

ii) To showcase the growth of capabilities brought by such projects
which in turn are a catalyst to securing an Australian pressure equipment supply chain for our future energy production needs.

Follow the link to read the full article about the unveiling :

Toyota opens Melbourne hydrogen refuelling station, launches new fuel cell sedan



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