Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Workshop Supervisor

Nearing 25 years of faithful service, Jamie Smith has seen it all as one of the key players that helped build LA Services into what it is today. At this point, it is safe to say he is the central cog of the business as the supervisor who oversees the important work in the workshop. He emphasises in being a team player and liaisons closely with all the employees in the workshop, now founded as an indispensable mentor as he leads by example and proactively works alongside his colleagues. Working his way up from a boiler maker to a supervisor, Jamie has expanded his work repertoire and made the best of his problem solving skills by working on big projects that taught him what he was capable of achieving. His active outlook reflects in his everyday life as he is unable to sit idly in front of the tv. In his spare time, he likes to exercise at home or train in his AFL team.

His takeaway from many years of service is that the industry is changing and for the better – where cross skilling and the digital realm has redefined the very nature of work. He hopes for the future of manufacturing to stay within Australia and that the first step to ensure this is to utilise the revolutionary technology that is available to us. He recognises his work betters society and hopes to share the same pride with the new generation of manufacturers.

A Valuable Mentor

David Fox is one of our most valuable mentors and teachers of LA Services as he goes above and beyond in creating a new history for our family. He is the bridge between a conservative industry and modern innovation as he connects with countless students to impart his years of experience in the manufacturing field. His work has extended to not only secondary students but also participates in Western Sydney University Launch Pad’s pilot I4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Network sharing lessons in transforming manufacturing across the technical and social spectrum.

Creating a close bond through mentoring is a great way to understand the perceptions and needs of our students in order to create a deeply engaging work environment . And in turn, we change these perceptions accordingly.

“The key to success is learning from one other, spanning different generations and technologies. I’ve learnt just as much from the students and the school, as they have from LA Services.”