Site Welding & Fabrication

Copy of LA2531 - Caltex NSW, Site welding - 12, Dressing weld (2011-10-09)

Site Welding & Fabrication

Site welding and fabrication services focus on solving niche problems that require certified welding and fabrication expertise, such as process piping or pressure equipment repairs, modifications and equipment installations. Welding services are also utilised in infrastructure works where procedure development or welder qualifications are needed for project compliance requirements. 

Our workshop capability and scale complements the needs of any site project, with trades, project engineers and equipment to support on-site scope as it may change by  ramping up or scale down resources and equipment.

Our site welding services were built up through gas pipeline work, a compliance driven welding environment. Our deep knowledge of pressure equipment fabrication benefits our customers by allowing them to tap into this knowhow when planning and undertaking repairs and maintenance in the field. This can save time and limit the potential for re-work by engaging with us early to plan out a project and develop an effective pathway to solving an onsite welding and fabrication problem.

LA3766 - CPB, Kingsgrove - Site welding - 4, Welding rio bar

Case Study

Site Welding

Packinox Bundle Replacement Project

The refurbishment of Caltex’s Packinox heat exchanger required a bundle replacement to solve efficiency problems.

To do this the 80mm thick head needed to be cut off then re-welded into position.

With asset down time being costly an accelerated welding method was required to be able to complete the refurbishment within a planned refinery shutdown window.

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