Air Coolers


Air Coolers

Air cooler capability evolved out of manufacturing headers, bundle assembly work and re-tubing through the 1980’s and 1990’s. Over the years header box fabrication techniques improved through the development of specialised welding equipment enabling faster manufacturing methods, with improved welding processes and distortion control on heavy wall boxes.

Today new air cooler project scope is highly flexible, ranging from small single bundle builds to multi unit supply packages in exotic alloys such as inconel

More recent projects have seen LA Services complete in situ header repairs, through to an OEM service providing FAT units ready for installation, or engineered for extended preservation to support a complete cooler spare part strategy.

Scope: Our association with Air Cooler manufacturer began in the mid 80’s, and today our services ranges from bundle replacement to Original Equipment Manufacturing, leading to establishment of a solid supply chain across fin tubes, motors, fans and running gear. 

Materials: Bundle manufacture experience covers carbon steels, stainless and a variety of super duplex and inconel alloys and finned tube configurations

Product diversity: We have manufactured both cover plate and plug sheet headers, with expanded and welded tube joints


Case Study

Air Cooler

Kipper Tuna Turrum Air Cooler Package - Jord Exxon

Jord International were commissioned by Exxon Mobil to provide ten complete Air Coolers for their Kipper Tuna Turrum offshore platform project. LA Services was contracted to fabricate the Inconel 625 headers, hydro test the bundles then assembly the coolers with the free issue mechanical componentry. 

The specifications required 100% NDE on all pressure retaining welds, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) assessing, power, noise, vibration, and air flow velocity. All 10 units were scheduled as a single shipment, transported in an overnight convey to Port Kembla south of Sydney for loading onto a booked break bulk vessel.

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