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Plate Rolling

Plate rolling and re-rolling is available as a stand alone service for 3m wide and upto 50mm in thicknesses (at selected widths). 

Diameters of upto 4m can be processed in materials upto 25mm in thickness.

Services include plate preparation, bevelling to required weld preparations, end setting, rolling and re-rolling welded barrels.We can also provide long seam welding, PWHT and testing as an end to end service.

Please talk to our estimating team about your rolling and seam welding needs. 

LA3292 - Central Petrolum, Rolling short strake (008, 2014-10-10)
LA2955 - Joy Mining, Rolled _ tacked (004, 2012-05-11)
LA2955 - Joy Mining, Plates for rolling (012, 2012-05-16)
LA2954 - Joy Mining, Barrels for re-rolling (013, 2012-05)

Case Study

Completed 2019

Packinox Bundle Replacement Project

The refurbishment of Caltex’s Packinox heat exchanger required a bundle replacement to solve efficiency problems.

To do this the 80mm thick head needed to be cut off then re-welded into position.

With asset down time being costly an accelerated welding method was required to be able to complete the refurbishment within a planned refinery shutdown window.

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