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About us

Our Story

LA Services started as a small workshop in Revesby repairing boilers. Becoming ISO 9001 certified in 1990 for oil and gas work, the company thrived attracting the likes of Woodside, Caltex and Shell.

Due to the rapid growth, LA Services moved the workshop to a larger facility in Revesby, expanding twice to cater for the larger projects.

2006 was a turning point for the company as we undertook a substantial project of 30 pressure vessels for Woodside which streamlined a lot of our internal processes creating efficiencies and benefits for customers and employees.

Today LA Services are also proactively engaged with research and education partners with a focus on integrating IoT with material and data science. LA services are now developing innovative ways to combine our heritage with digital services to enhance product management.



Our culture is one of Belief, Loyalty, Modesty, Honesty and Empathy.

We place belief in our staff and respect their knowledge and decisions as we have developed a culture of commitment to our customers, and we trust that our team will always work hard to deliver only the best.

We are loyal to each other as well as to our customers, and we stand by the people who have supported us on our journey, regardless of difference in views

The LA Services Tribe is a bunch of passionate people, young and old, diverse in various aspects but united in our quest to provide the most value to our customers. Our team is full of individuals with unique talents that gives us a competitive edge as a workforce and promotes awareness and acceptance for one another.

We value long term wisdom and methods that have made us who we are, but at the same time we are ready to take on the challenge of disrupting the industry and trade.

We place a lot of emphasis on honesty and transparency. These are the values that enable us to perform with rigor, knowing that deception has no place in the LA Services Culture.

LA2909 - Origin, Vessel - 1022, Team at Hydro #1 (2012-10-24)

Our Team


Through our initial pledge to become a more progressive company, we were pleasantly surprised to have unlocked some of UN’s sustainable development goals without strategically planning for it. In creating our initiatives, the intention was not just to align with the UN, but rather to truly aim for sustainable social innovation. And sustainable development just came as a byproduct, which is the case for every company who strives to do right by the people and community.

As we become more invested into providing a sustainable future and seeing the result of our work, we are starting to understand the consequential need to implement socially conscious measures through the very nature of the manufacturing industry. Hence, we pledge to continue our work in social innovation and unlock more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we progress.