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Pressure vessel design & drafting

Design & drafting services are provided with the support from select local designers, a business model which widens our service capacity to include pressure equipment design problem expertise in a cost effective way.

Our own engineering team supports design by ensuring project specifications and the realities of time and manufacturing are embedded in the design’s outcome, a critical consideration in managing project timelines.

We can provide equipment designed to AS1210, ASME and have also produced CE and Lloyds compliant equipment by drawing on inspection service and engagement of the necessary contractors.

All designs provided by LA Services are undertaken by registered engineers to ensure compliance with state laws regarding professional services.

Design verification and registration

Design verification and registration are compulsory requirements for Australian based pressure equipment. These additional engineering needs are built into our services for equipment we manufacture.

Design verification and registration services complement our local manufacturing approach, our inherent understanding of local legislation means these formalities can be timed to ensure compliance while avoiding unnecessary project delays.

Our design and verification network allows us to also support engineering needs regarding certification or recertification of equipment that many have undergone modification or a design change to address process adjustments.

Engineering - CADWORX
Engineering - FEA, Cyclone nest-1
Engineering - PV Elite-1
Engineering - CAD, Transport #1 (from PDF)
Engineering - CAD, Transport #2 (from PDF)

Case Study

Completed 2019

Packinox Bundle Replacement Project

The refurbishment of Caltex’s Packinox heat exchanger required a bundle replacement to solve efficiency problems.

To do this the 80mm thick head needed to be cut off then re-welded into position.

With asset down time being costly an accelerated welding method was required to be able to complete the refurbishment within a planned refinery shutdown window.

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