LA Services has been manufacturing, repairing and maintaining industrial scale autoclaves for the healthcare industry for over three decades. Our services include cyclic design, manufacture, factory testing, installation and commissioning of these units. 

Our manufacturing diversity and experiences in door sealing ensures our approach to custom Autoclave supply draws a depth of knowledge to deliver a reliable end product backed by a local manufacturer.  

A long term association with these high cycle pressure vessels has provided an unmatched opportunity to develop a deep knowledge of the fatigue failure issues that square designs in particular can suffer from. Experiences in crack propagation analysis and weld repairs compliment our design services when developing new autoclaves to replace end of life equipment.

Expertise : Ranging from small scale industrial Autoclave solutions for the health sector through to 3m dia x 30m long units servicing the high production demands of the ‘building products’ sector.


  • Designed and manufactured square and cylindrical autoclaves
  • Equipment modifications, such as additional length & door changes
  • More recently our services included hydraulic door design, equipment commissioning and cyclic analysis for additional reinforcement
LA3691 - CSR, Autoclave - Installed, Close-up of closed door (2018-11-20)
Installed outisde

Case Study


Hebel Brick Project - CSR​

CSR expanded their Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (Hebel brick) production capacity on the central coast in NSW. The project required nine autoclaves 3m in diameter x 35m long. CSR decided to source these locally to ensure the manufacturer was close by so production of these plant critical items could be developed collaboratively with CSR as the new factory was being constructed.

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