Industry 4.0 Vision


To build a great manufacturing future for Australia and increase its longevity by creating interesting job opportunities


Why this vision?


There has been an steady increase in the digital transformation conversation across every industry for a number years now, however uptake is gaining momentum across the technologies themselves, the required skills and the workplace structure to support the transition. If business is not thinking through this by now, the time is ripe to join the conversation and begin a navigation all organisations will need to confront in the coming decade. 

LA Services came to the realisation back in 2014 when we were hit by market shifts, skills shortages and gaps, as projects started to demand increased scope. Our traditional ways of doing things were heading for difficulty as product data management becomes more valued, compounded by a need to establish a workforce pipeline as our present workforce geared towards retirement, so we sought a younger talent pool to carry the legacy forward as well as propelling the business toward a digital mindset. 

The only way forward to cover a likely void in skills was to bring more intuitiveness and automation to our processes and to make knowledge transfer seamless via digital technology, so a new workforce could be trained faster and more efficiently. Addressing this principle idea was how we started our R&D journey into the digitisation of our manufacturing and business processes. 

Now it is our mission to support an organisation-wide shift into the advanced manufacturing space, and be the catalyst to change in our community by setting an example. At the same time we will develop interesting and challenging job opportunities for the next generation.


How will we achieve it?

Technology Applications​
Implement BI to support decision making
Use of Big Data, Advanced analytics, Human to Machine interface, Physical to Digital transfer
Continually diversifying research and innovation portfolio
Uptake of technology into processes leading to productivity gains
Industry Education​
Build a bridge between the society and manufacturing industry
Apprentice and trainee programs to engage students
Securing education partners to support internship opportunities
Establish a brand in industry education
Create opportunities for new skills and jobs

Provide the necessary support and tools for I4.0 to up-skill the current workforce

Invest in capability growth to make way for new skills and talent
Build confidence in adoption and use of advanced manufacturing technology

What we are doing to get there