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Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are LA Services’ core business, we have manufactured thousands of these industrial assets for the Australian oil & gas, water and chemical manufacturing industries for 40 years.

Our design, manufacturing integrity and industry commitment is reflected by the fact our pressure vessels have been servicing some of the most corrosive and high pressure environments encountered by the processing world for so many years.

We have the engineering knowhow, trade team and supply chains to solve any pressure vessel supply challenge across a diverse range of sizes, configurations and materials from thin wall clad plate tanks to 150mm thick carbon steel vessels for offshore applications. 

Skill & Expertise : Our workshop, project and trade staff have an inherent understanding of the needs of pressure vessel manufacture, testing and logistics, knowledge that is continually passed onto new employees year after year

Capability : Our facility is 5000m2 with an 80 tonne lifting capacity (200T jacking), capable of producing pressure vessels to 4.0m diameter and 38m long

Texas tower exchanger on trailer
Painted and insulated
LA4043 - Toyota, Vessel - 12, Loading on transport #4

Case Study

Pressure Vessel

Amine Regenerator Column - Caltex

The project was to design and deliver a 2m diameter x 23m long x 37 tonne fully dressed regenerator column for an upcoming major shutdown at Caltex (NSW) refinery. The column was unusual in that it required a clad plate mid-section and nozzles to address the corrosive processes of the unit. To minimise site work before installation it was planned to fit all the trays before delivery, then fully insulate and fireproof the column at the painting yard prior to delivery.

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