Gas Pipeline

LA2961 - Jemena, PRS Skid outside

Gas Pipeline
(Hot Tapping / Repair Sleeves)

LA Services’ legacy in refinery and LNG processing equipment manufacturing provided a logical segue into the in-service gas pipeline welding environment where integrity, engineering and skilled trades intersect to support these critical behind the scene assets.

The combination of a large workshop geared for heavy fabrication and experienced project engineering personnel provides an ideal platform for the industry for material laydown, joint simulation fabrication, weld procedure development, coordination of post simulation testing and procedure documentation assembly in the one location.

Gas pipeline services include the fitment and welding of hot tap fittings, pipeline repairs utilising sleeves and new regulating station infrastructure tie-ins . Project specific weld procedure development and welder qualifications.

Our team supports site works along the east coast of Australia complementing the major energy players and the tier-one contractors in this sector

LA3682, Zinfra Spherical Tee, DESCRIPTION, (2017-07-27)
LA2329, Alinta Asset, Tie in pipe hydro & Site pics
LA3279 - Downer, PRS Skid ready for FAT

Case Study

Completed 2019

Packinox Bundle Replacement Project

The refurbishment of Caltex’s Packinox heat exchanger required a bundle replacement to solve efficiency problems.

To do this the 80mm thick head needed to be cut off then re-welded into position.

With asset down time being costly an accelerated welding method was required to be able to complete the refurbishment within a planned refinery shutdown window.

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