LA Services are committed to nurturing and developing our employees through up-skilling and the provision of opportunities that provide challenges, variety and fulfilment. Our Education and Engagement program has been developed to redefine the future of Australia manufacturing and create a legacy based on excellence, talent and opportunity.  


From Apprentice to Estimator
From University to Manufacturing

When Cameron James Miller joined LA Services in 2005 as an Apprentice Boilermaker, his career started on a whole new path. Having previously studied a Diploma of Film & Television, leading horse trail rides and fabricating balustrades, Cameron quickly learnt how he could have a direct impact on every day items and services that Australians use.

During his employment at LA Services, Cameron has continued his studies and received qualifications in Fabrication, Welding and Marketing. LA Services has provided Cameron with the opportunity to broaden his skills. After completing his apprenticeship, Cameron roles have included Boilermaker and Purchasing.

As an Estimator, Cameron seeks to understand what the clients’ needs really are so that LA Services can offer the best possible solution. He loves being able to combine his technical knowledge and practical experience. His role can be compared to completing a puzzle – looking at the end product, breaking the project into smaller manageable sections and then bringing them all together.

Cameron finds his work challenging (in a good way) and rewarding. He finds it fulfilling that the products and services LA Services offers, directly affects the lives of Australians. Wether it be for a a Client in the fuel, gas, construction, healthcare or infrastructure industry, behind the scenes, the work LA Services does makes a difference.

With technological advancements and customers specifically seeking suppliers who can offer ongoing local support, Cameron is excited about the opportunities for the Australian manufacturing industry.

Cameron’s advice for someone looking to join the industry:
“If you have an interest in building thing with your hands, engineering, business or all three then go for it! There are many avenues to consider in our industry and they are very rewarding.”

While Raaid Allam only joined the LA Services family in 2018, he is already excited about the opportunities the industry has to offer and has experienced first-hand, working on projects that digitise the manufacturing process.

Choosing to study a Bachelor of Engineering (major in Mechanical) at Macquarie University, Raaid had 60 days of work experience left to complete his degree. At university, Raaid had a keen interest in the mechanical design subjects and those that involved heat transfer systems and was looking for a company where he could explore these fields in more depth. It was LA Services reputation for it’s expertise in designing and manufacturing heat exchangers which first caught his attention and then, it was the opportunity to work on an innovative R&D project which made LA Services the obvious choice.

After completing his work experience at LA Services, Raaid accepted a full-time role and works as a Design . Raaid is mentored by a senior LA Services engineer and he also manages a R&D heat exchanger digital project. The goal is to deliver a system that extends beyond the OEM’s environment by allowing asset owners to add life cycle data (once the asset is in operation) to achieve a harmonised digital record of the equipment that will be available for the life of the product.

In his new role at LA Services, Raaid thrives on the supportive, team atmosphere, the company’s professional approach and the opportunity to work on large challenging projects, from planning through to development.

Raaid’s advice for someone looking to join the industry:
“This industry has many job opportunities and it depends on how a job seeker wants to approach it. Universities can provide the theoretical experience needed to become an engineer or project manager through a 4 or 5-year course. Other routes such as TAFEs can provide training to acquire the practical experience to become a welder, boiler maker or technician. At the end it depends on the interest of the individual and how persistent you are to achieve what you want. In addition, some knowledge in software development, IoT, electronic devices and data acquisition systems can be a bonus for securing a position in this industry since innovative solutions are being adopted for product monitoring and maintenance.”





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