Key Industry Education Partners, Big Picture Education Australia & Skills of Australia.

Recently one of LA Services’ key industry education partners Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) arranged a meeting with PwC’s Sara Caplan, CEO – Skills of Australia to discuss BPEA’s project based learning and internship model. Viv White & John Hogan (BPEA founders) invited LA Services’ GM David Fox along with two Year 10 Liverpool Boys High School (LBHS) students, including David Phan LA Services’ intern, the deputy principal of LBHS Mel Gorman and two year 12 students and their advisor from Cook Hill Campus, an annex to Newcastle High School.

The meeting was held in PwC’s Barangaroo Tower corporate office, and was quite the experience for all the attendees. During the meeting Sara Caplan spend time listening to all the students talk about their BPEA internships and the benefits they gained from this innovative learning platform. It is hope BPEA will be able to gain some form of funding to assist their scaling efforts to bring this learning concept to more students and willing business.

For LA Services the flexibility of BPEA internship platform is allowing us to integrate students into our innovation projects bringing fresh thinking to new problem and in the process exposing the next generation to what advanced manufacturing is and what it might look like as a career option.